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We are gradually updating our website as time permits so you will continue to see some outdated material. Please be patient and bear with us while we make these changes.

CTH! is preparing for our Matinée Movie & Dinner Fundraiser

As we approach our 3rd Year Anniversary and get closer to obtaining our Official Federal 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Status we are beginning to work on the educational part of our mission. We hope to show the community that most of the people that are living on the streets are not unlike ourselves, other than life circumstances.

We will be presenting full length documentaries on individuals that have become homeless. Our first event is the award winning movie "Queen Mimi". This is not only an interesting and entertaining movie, it will be a day you will not want to miss.

Sunday, December 3rd 2017 - 3PM
For more information, CLICK HERE.

CTH! now has a Partnership with the Gil Tract Community Farm

The UC Gill Tract Community Farm is a collaborative community project between the University of California Berkeley and the local community, focused on issues of food justice and urban farming.

Thanks to CTH! volunteer, Jenny Shore, and her hard work at the farm - the Gil Tract’s farm manager, Jon Hoffman, has agreed to donate fresh organic seasonal produce to our CTH! cooks. This is a fabulous partnership for CTH! and Jenny has been regularly harvesting produce on Wednesdays for our Thursday and Sunday soup cooks. If you get an opportunity - do visit the farm during it’s open hours and say “Hi and Thank You” to Farmer Jon.
View their website

CONSIDER THE HOMELESS! Had Two Successful Fundraising Campaigns This Year

Campaign to Make El Diablo Roadworthy
Between February 1 and April 7 we raised $2,754 to pay for registration, insurance, repairs, and construction materials for re-purposing our donated Honda Odyssey van a.k.a. Diablo Blanco. This was an amazing effort since all these funds came from our small and loyal band of volunteers. Thank you to every one of you who donated your time and money. El Diablo is now kitted out with several shelves in which to store all our survival supplies – clothes, shoes, blankets etc. for the homeless; improved interior lighting and a specially designed platform in the back for our two soup servers. Our van is now truly a mobile soup kitchen and “Thrift Store” warehouse.

Our First Ever Rummage Sale and Fundraiser
On May 14 we had our first official fundraiser for CONSIDER THE HOMELESS! Our rummage sale took up two yards and one long driveway and it was a screaming success. We raised almost $2,200 and funds are still trickling in from Consignment Stores and Craig’sList where we took some of the higher quality items that failed to sell on the day of the sale.

Our Enhanced Vision for the Future!

In addition to changing our name we have done some soul searching and have reexamined our vision for the future and how we want to grow as an organization.

You can learn more about our vision for the future and some of our proposed initiatives on our Vision for the Future page.


  • Volunteers Page - stories and perspectives
    Consider The Homeless! now has over 30 dedicated volunteers We thought it was time to celebrate our tireless and generous volunteer brigade by occasionally featuring a particular volunteer who consents to being interviewed and/or giving our volunteers a space to tell their stories. We kick this new section off with three stories written by our volunteers - one about serving dinner to the homeless on Christmas Eve, one about how two of our enthusiastic volunteers, who were cooking for us for the first time, had an “elevating experience” – when attempting to transport 7-gallons of scalding hot soup to its destination. And the final story is written by one of our co-pilots/servers on how he felt about watching our driver Barbara intervene in a potentially fraught situation and prevent one of our homeless friends from being arrested.
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