Success Stories

Collection of Stories - Escaping Life on the Streets

Stories of those that have a place of their own, a roof, a bed, and a front door key. These stories are from some men and women that used to live on the streets in Berkeley. Some are now in shelters, still working for permanent housing, others have found a way to finally have a home of their own.

Some stories use real names, others have their names changed. It is up to the individuals to decide how to present these stories.

  A Family's Story
    An incredible story of a single father's quest to keep his family together.
    A Father’s Story of an Epic Journey

  Melissa and Tony - Part I
    A two-part, heartbreaking story of life on the streets and what made it suddenly all change.
    My name is Melissa, this is my story

  “Sam’s Story”
    With time running out on his shelter care voucher Sam decided to ask us if we could help him.
    Did We Help? Did We Shake the Right Tree?

*   *   *

We are currently interviewing other former homeless folks, as well as those in the process of getting free of this stressful existence.
We plan to share their stories of hope and inspiration soon.

If you are aware of a story that belongs here, please let us know!   “Are you the SUCCESS STORY?”
Whether you are, or not, email us at   Include contact information & best way and times to reach you.

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