Street Bytes

Collection of Journal Entries From the Streets of Berkeley

Art, poetry, stories, and more from our streets – this page is an opportunity for people that are “residentially challenged” to share their creativity while letting the general public know about their lives today and their hopes for the future.

  From “A Voice From the Streets”
    The Homeless Ten Commandments
    Never Enough Sleep 
    For My Friend Reneé 
    The Holiday Menagerie 

Do you have a Street Byte you would like us to post? Send it to

Submissions can be from any media: Poetry, Essays, Drawings, Photographs, etc. If you cannot email it to us, let us know your name, and where we can find you, the next time you see us driving around, and we can arrange picking it up, or photographing it for the site.

If you can email it to us, please include your name, how you would like to have your credit written on the site, an email address we can use to contact you, and, if you have one, a phone number. Also, please include if you are currently homeless, how long, or if you were living on the streets in the past, and when you changed that.

If you are uncomfortable about sharing any of the above with us, then worry not. All we really need is the name you want your piece to be credited to.

Thank You

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