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If you support this Bill please reach out to your state legislator now
the Bill needs an “author” to guide it through the Californian legislative process.

Many of you may not yet be aware of the important work being spearheaded by the Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP). Members of WRAP have extensively surveyed and researched the treatment of the homeless in American cities today and they have concluded that this is fundamentally a civil rights issue. Over the years poverty and mental illness have been criminalized. See the results of WRAP’s homeless community survey at

Advocates for the homeless say that they have until Feb 27, 2015 to find a state legislator passionate about sponsoring or “authoring” this Bill. Many California legislators have declared their support for the Bill but have not yet been willing to put their name on the Bill as Tom Amiamo did last year before he was termed-out. This is a tri-state movement with similar bills being sponsored and/or proposed in Oregon, Washington and Colorado. California is so often on the leading edge of social reform - and this civil rights campaign should be no exception.

You can learn more about the Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign and how you can help at Western Regional Advocacy Project 415-621-2533 or

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