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Lava Mae

Mobile Showers for the Homeless

It's About Human Rights
This is Lava Mae’s charge: provide sanitation, assist in deterring potential public health problems, and perhaps most critically, provide a much needed service to help a population struggling to retain a sense of dignity and self worth.
In essence, Lava Mae seeks to solve a small piece of what the United Nations and World Health Organization define as, and Lava Mae believes is, a basic human right: access to water and sanitation.
With a scrapped city bus and a handful of volunteers, Lava Mae provides hundreds of showers a week to those living on the streets of San Francisco.

It started with a cab drive and a zinger of a line delivered by a seasoned cabbie. "Welcome to the land of broken dreams," he said. Those seven words, a desire to bring about change, and a belief that mobile/moveable could be powerful set in motion is what eventually became Lava Mae.

The Schedule

Tuesdays 8:30am-2pm
SF Main Public Library at Civic Center
Fulton St. at Hyde

Wednesdays 8:30am-2pm
YWAM in the Tenderloin
357 Ellis St.
between Taylor and Jones

Thursdays 8:30am-2pm
API Wellness in the Tenderloin
730 Polk St. near Ellis St.

Fridays 9:30am-3pm
YWAM in the Tenderloin
357 Ellis St.
between Taylor and Jones

Saturdays 7am-1pm
Mission Neighborhood Resource Center
16th St. and Capp St.

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