Singing for the Homeless - 09.20.15

"Long Cold Night" Released on September 18th

Portion of the proceeds will go to HLMB

A charity single has been released to help the homeless.

cover Linda Louise - Long Cold Night

Amazingly Linda Louise Hughes, a singer songwriter from Scotland, has never met us — she found us on the Internet. Linda has generously offered to dedicate some of the proceeds from the sale of her single Long Cold Night to Consider The Homeless! Here in her own words is how she was inspired to write her song.

“My name is Linda, based in Scotland, UK. In 2001 I wrote a song called Long Cold Night after meeting a homeless man and his dog in the pouring rain in Glasgow City as I walked from music college to sing at a show. I went home and wrote this song, to date I would say it is the best song I ever wrote because it is from my heart.”

“I always wanted to work with the homeless be it out on the streets, giving advice, providing an ear to let them vent, by just caring and giving a damn — but between personal tragedies, illness and life… it never happened. I recorded Long Cold Night with a bunch of musicians and it is a fab recording. Now… 13 years later… I would love to use it to drum up some funds for Consider The Homeless! because I know you do good work with the homeless.”

“Too many of the homeless are abandoned by those who are supposed to love them, especially when mental illness is hard to control. My song Long Cold Night was released across the digital environments on September 18th. It is my greatest intention to donate some of the proceeds to Consider The Homeless!

Please click on the links below and invest $0.99 or £0.79 in Linda’s single and help Consider The Homeless! keep doing what we do best — helping the homeless one person at a time.

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